While cars are mostly associated with men and the sport of professional auto racing is dominated by men, women professional race car drivers are not invisible and actually go back a long ways in racing history. https://newjersey-insurance.net/new-jersey-auto-insurance-quotes/   It might surprise you to know that the first female NASCAR  driver competed in 1949 in a Ford. She came in 13th. Her name was Sara Christian and at the time she was 30 years old.  The first woman driver in NASCAR history passed away in 1980, but is still remembered.   Since then, women race car drivers have become increasingly common and have developed quite a fanRead More →

Are you a safe driver? Most people say they are. https://illinois-insurance.website/illinois-auto-insurance/ There’s no question that auto insurance companies want their insured to practice safe driving habits. They don’t like it if you’ve gotten moving violations, such as speeding tickets or a citation for running a red light.  Those things indicate a certain carelessness that might lead to an accident in the future. These companies depend on actuarial charts—which are statistics that indicate the probability of an accident. The risk factors.   It’s no surprise that insurers also don’t like it if you have had accidents in the past. Sure, some accidents might not have been yourRead More →

In Pennsylvania home owners insurance is not mandatory by law.  https://pennsylvania-insurance.net/pennsylvania-homeowners-insurance/ However, if you have a mortgage against your property many companies will insist that home owners insurance is purchased and maintained. This is to protect their investment in the property so they know that in the event of fire, flood or damage of any kind that may affect the value of the property insurance coverage will resolve the problem.   There are certain other circumstances where you may be required (but not legally) to purchase home owners insurance. For example, if you rent your property and your landlord does not wish to take outRead More →

If you are planning on becoming a homeowner in California, you really want to find out about the area where you are looking for a house. https://california-insurance.net/california-homeowners-insurance/ If you purchase a house in an earthquake or flood area, you will find that homeowner’s insurance will be higher. There are several steps you can take to help lower your homeowner’s insurance rates. Search for Best Prices Whatever you do, don’t just settle on the first homeowner’s insurance policy you find. As with any other large investment, you need to shop around in order to find the best deals. Make sure that your home will be coveredRead More →